Vegetable Garden Layout: A Step by Step Guide

If you are thinking of growing a vegetable garden for the first time, you must know how to do vegetable garden layout for gardening. To get started, you need to have a good plan. In that case, a layout is something you need to have first. As a beginner, a good garden layout can ensure you a great vegetable garden. However, we are going to show you a vegetable garden layout in this article.

How to Select Vegetable Garden Location

The first thing you need to do for a vegetable garden is select the best location. By the word best, we meant a location that features the common features of a great vegetable garden. Here you also get gardening tips for your garden. Those are mentioned below.

vegetable garden layout


If you are going to locate the vegetable garden in the yard, chose the side that gets at least 6 hours of direct sunlight.  Lack of sunlight may cause you poor vegetable and even death of the crops.


Without water, you can’t expect good crops. To grow fresh and healthy vegetable, water is a must. So, locate the garden possibly near the water source. It might help you to water the crops easily.


A good drainage system is essential for a good vegetable garden. If your vegetable garden always wet, it might bring you nothing but disappointment.

Prepare the Soil

There are few different ways to prepare the soil to grow vegetable. Some people go for the containers especially those who have space crisis. But we suggest you prepare good seed beds missing some composts with the loamy soil.

The Best Vegetable Garden Layout For Beginner

You have already come to know few important things you need to know about a vegetable garden. Now it’s time to be more specific. To make a layout of the vegetable garden you are going to have, you need to have a list of the crops you are going to grow. Let us help you out with this.

Make a list of the vegetables you are planning to grow. Look at their sizes and measure the space they are going to need. Now think of placing them the sides they fit in the garden.

Corns, peas, beans usually need more space to grow than other vegetables. You cannot put them anywhere in the garden. If you plant them without a good plan, they might affect the other vegetables in the garden. So, you better plant all the big sized vegetables on the north side of the garden so that they don’t shade the rest.

vegetable garden

Medium sized crops like tomato, potato, pumpkins, and squash can be planted in the center of the garden. They don’t ask for a lot of space, they don’t usually cause any harm to other vegetables. All they require is proper water and sunlight.

There still remains the southern side free in your vegetable garden. Plant all the low growing crops those don’t need a lot of space. Onions, carrots, lettuce will grow fine on the southern side in vegetable garden. Go according to the plan and get the best result.

Final Words

A layout of your vegetable garden means a specific plan or map of how the vegetable garden in going to be. You cannot plant all the different crops at the same place. Of course, you are going to plant them in the same garden but in different locations. This is the reason you need a vegetable garden layout. I think that after reading this informative article, you able to make a good garden layout for your vegetable gardening.

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