How To Start An Organic Garden For Beginners?

Starting an organic garden is not difficult. If you know the process, you can easily start your organic garden. But at first, try to know the process properly. It is not as like as starting other gardens. It needs a lot of care, plan, and work.  When you will start gardening, you need to know everything about gardening.

Besides, you need some healthier plants, some natural fertilizer, and extra care. Try to find a sunny space for your garden. After knowing all things about this type of garden, you can start your work. So, if you want to start gardening, you should read this article.

Start An Organic Garden: Step by Step Guide

We will provide step by step guideline about organic gardening in below:

Selecting the area

It is the first step to start an organic garden. At first, select the space for your garden. The ground space is better. The area will be under sunlight at least 7 hours a day and has enough air. If you feel that the soil of your yard is not so good, you can use the container beds to grow your plants. Besides, the yard needs proper drains. It is better to observe the selected area that how much time it gets sunlight. Moreover, you can test the soil and if you need to improve it, you can try some ways to improve the soil.

Start An Organic Garden

Necessary tools and materials

To make and maintain your organic garden, you do not need many tools. You just keep the regular gardening tools beside you. The tools are a hoe, mulch, seeds, and rake. You also need some fertilizers to use them when you need.

Making the bed

Before preparing the bed, you should select the size and also the shape of your garden. You can use the garden hose to adjust the size you want. So, you can be raised garden bed easily. Besides, you can use the string to create the outline of your garden. Now remove the existing plants, grass and other things from the soil. Clean the total area of the garden. Then dig the soil for making plant bed.

Modify the Soil

It is natural that good soil is for good plant. After selecting the bed, it is time to preparing the bed. It is the best to add a lot of compost in the bed soil. You can buy it or make it in the garden area by yourself. Besides, you can test the acidity and also the nutrients in your soil.

Select the plant

This step is to select the right plant or seeds for your garden. It is a very important step. You can visit a good nursery to select the plants. But you should concern that most of the nurseries use chemicals to grow plants. The plants of comical fertilizers are not good. So, it is better to use seeds. During the season of planting, you can select a small area of your garden and seeds there for your organic plants. You will find the seeds on the market. When the plants grow up, select the healthy plants and remove the plants having any problems or insects.


Now take out the healthy plants with the soil and roots. Plant them on the bed. After planting, give them the proper amount of water because the root area needs moisture to adjust the plant to the surrounding areas.  Besides, it is important to plant the plants into a proper hole. After preparing the hole, keep the plant in up to the root ball. Then again give the soil on the hole to close the root area.

Water the Plants

After planting the crops on your organic garden, give proper water for every plant. It is better to water the plants in the morning. Morning time is cool and calm. So, the water does not get evaporated. It keeps the plants all day moisture.

How To Start An Organic Garden For Beginners

Nutrients for Plants

The growing plants need proper nutrients. But you should use the eco-friendly way. Do not use any toxic pesticides or fertilizers. Make sure that the plants get enough light, water, and nutrients. Use compost after some days.

Make compost in your garden

It is a better idea to make compost by yourself for your crops. It is the best nutrient for your crops. However, you can make compost from the grass, vegetable garbage, leaves, etc. At first, select a place that is square in size. Then dig a hole. Add the natural grass, leaves or garbage and make some layers. Keep all the layers separate with the soil layers. Then cover the hole with 4 inches soil. Now add water to moist. You need to wait for a month to have good compost.

Final Words

Having an organic garden is really a good idea. The process of starting it is not so hard. So, to enjoy fresh fruits or vegetables, you can try your own organic garden. It is also a way to spend some time in gardening if you have the habit of it.

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